Cigar Humidor review blog

First of all a very warm welcome to our blog! We are the guys from humidor discount, one of the worlds leading online stores for cigarhumidors and everything that has to do with cigar storage. We started in 1999, and since then we gathered lots of humidor know how and expert knowledge. In our manual for humidors, called humidor guide, we collected everything the aficionado should know about howto seasoning a humidor and first time usage.

Due to the obvious advantages of adorini humidors we mainly focused on these, but of course humidordiscount also sells other brand humidors for cigars such as S.T.Dupont humidor, Xikar humidor, Savoy humidor, Davidoff humidor, Zino humidor, Liebherr humidor, Cohiba humidor, Montecristo humidor and many other cigar accessories. Nevertheless do adorini brand humidors offer several advantages like very thick cedar lining, an individual divider system, label clips, analog hair hygrometer, deluxe humidifier and a perfect seal. Therefore we clearly recommend adorini humidors. Nevertheless if it’s your first humidor to be set up or if you are searching for the perfect ultimate humidor cabinet, you’ll find it in our store.

This is it, more to follow soon! Keep on smoking!